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/ 3 March 2021

New online directory

Following our migration to a new database (CMS) the diocese have been creating an online directory to display clergy contact details. This is replacing the printed directory which used to be handed out each year. Going forward there may be scope to add further roles to this new online directory, but for now it will just include clergy contact details. LDF staff and senior clergy who need contact details of other roles (churchwardens, treasurers etc.) have access to the full CMS database.

The old online directory

The directory information which previously sat on our website is being taken down this week. The website was still pulling information from our old database, MyDiocese, and was therefore becoming increasingly incorrect.

By the 10th March, the website will include links to the new clergy directory. The website will still display contact information for diocesan staff, senior clergy, and Area personnel.

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