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/ 13 May 2019

National Sports Sunday: 19 May 2019

National Sports Sunday: 19 May 2019

As Christians, we know that prayer has the power to change things.

However, what could be the impact of the whole church praying for the community of sport on a particular day? The community of sport has approximately 25 million members, spreading over 151,000 sports clubs and 6700 gyms across the UK. At Sports Chaplaincy UK, we believe that this is a community that the church, as plan A, needs to re-energise its prayer focus for in both a significant and intentional way.

During the last 12 months, we have seen God’s hand in the relationships that Sports Chaplaincy UK has with sporting stars and we are seeing significant elite players coming to faith in the sporting community as well as others in positions of authority.

This is truly amazing and why Sports Chaplaincy UK is calling the church, as a united body, to set aside Sunday 19th May 2019 as a day of prayer for the community of sport. To aid this we will be releasing a special video for use on social media about some of the individual people who have heard God’s heart for this community and responded.

National Sports Sunday is about seeking God for what He might have you.

You can download a variety of resources to guide you to celebrate this day including videos, prayers and sermons from: https://sportschaplaincy.org.uk/nationalsportssunday/resources/

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