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/ 13 May 2020

Guidance on the opening of nurseries

The Government has announced plans to allow the opening of nurseries from June 1 at the earliest. The press release and guidance documents are here. The announcement says:

“The transmission rate has decreased, and the aim is that by 1 June at the earliest it will be safe for a greater number of children and young people to return to education and childcare. As a result, the Government is asking schools and childcare providers to plan on this basis, ahead of confirmation of the scientific advice.”

Many churches in the diocese have close relationships with nurseries who use their facilities under existing arrangements. Now is a good time to make contact with nursery managers to discuss plans and possibilities in the light of this government announcement. Please keep your archdeacon informed before making commitments to ensure that health and safety, property, legal and other issues are fully considered.

Possibly schools and nurseries may be in touch about use of space as they look to re open. This should be discussed on a case by case basis with the property department and the archdeacon please.

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