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/ 21 December 2017

Diocese receives strategic development funding to support church growth across London and beyond

Bishop Ric Thorpe

Along with seven other dioceses across England, the Diocese of London has been awarded strategic development funding as part of a multi-million pound plan to renew churches in England. The Diocese will receive £4.8 million for revitalising churches and developing ‘Church Growth Learning Communities’ in London and £3.89 million towards training curates, to be deployed across the country to support the national Church.

The Bishop of Islington, Ric Thorpe (pictured, left), who is responsible for church planting in the Diocese, will lead the projects. The work, which will resource churches for growth, aligns with the Diocese’s Capital Vision 2020.

The strategic development funding will enable churches of every tradition to join learning communities that help them grow in depth, impact and number. It will also help churches to train curates who will pay dividends back to the Diocese by revitalising existing churches and promoting further mission. As well as the strategic development grant, these projects will be supported financially by the Diocese of London and local churches.

As a diocese with 4.2 million people, this grant will help the Church in London to reach communities across the capital. It will also have a national focus, reflecting the Bishop of Islington’s wider role in supporting church plants across England where invited by diocesan bishops. It will enable the training of curates who will be deployed in strategic locations outside London, supporting demand in other dioceses for trained church leaders.

Acting Bishop of London and Bishop of Willesden, Pete Broadbent, said:

“Planting and learning communities complement the inherited parish and chaplaincy model. The Church of the future needs vision, depth and new resourcing. I’m delighted that the National Church is investing in London in this way.”

Bishop of Islington, Ric Thorpe, commented:

“I love the intention of the National Church to support church growth and new ministry across England. And we are excited to receive this strategic development grant that will help us to support churches across the traditions and in every kind of parish to grow and flourish in London and beyond.”


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