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/ 29 March 2012

Diocesan Synod: Anglican Communion Covenant

The London Diocesan Synod met tonight to debate The Anglican Communion Covenant.

After deliberations which included constructive contributions from a number of speakers representing a range of perspectives, the Synod voted against the motion to approve the draft Act of Synod adopting The Anglican Communion Covenant.

The voting figures in the Diocesan Synod debate were:

  Votes for Votes against Abstentions
House of Bishops 2 1 0
House of Clergy 17 32 1
House of Laity 26 33 2

The approval of the Diocesan Synod depends upon the motion being carried in the Houses of Clergy and Laity.

Synod then debated and passed a following motion:

‘This Diocesan Synod, following the reference from the General Synod of the draft Act of Synod adopting the Anglican Communion Covenant, requests the General Synod to debate the following motion:

"That this Synod:

a) rejoice in the fellowship of the world-wide Anglican Communion, which is rooted in our shared worship and held together by bonds of affection and our common appeal to Scripture, tradition and reason;

b) thank the Archbishop of Canterbury for his tireless efforts throughout the Communion to sustain and strengthen unity in difficult times; and

c) call on the House of Bishops:

i. to find ways to maintain and reinforce strong links across the world-wide Anglican Communion and to deepen the Church of England’s involvement with the existing Communion ministries and networks (especially the continuing Indaba process);
ii. to publicise and promote this work within the dioceses of the Church of England in order to broaden understanding of, and enthusiasm for, the Anglican Communion; and
iii. to encourage a wide understanding of, and support for, the next Lambeth Conference." ‘


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