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/ 10 July 2018

Diocesan staff

London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU
Main Switchboard: 020 7932 1100
Main Fax: 020 7932 1110

General Secretary →

 Mr Richard Gough General Secretary Email

 Mrs Chareen Lyle PA to the General Secretary Email


Communications →

 Ms Esther Stewart Communications and Digital Content Manager Email

 Mr Matthew Hall Communications and Marketing Assistant Email


Finance and Operations →

 Mr Richard Antcliffe Director of Finance and Operations Email

 Ms Sarah Major Head of Finance Email

 Ms Natalie Atkins Assistant Trust Accountant Email

 Mrs Sheila Congram Parish Bookkeeper Email

 Ms Sophia Pratt Lewis Fund Accountant Email

 Ms Elaine Saunders Finance Support Officer Email

 Mr Mark Sennett Payroll Officer Email

 Ms Sarah Walters Trust Accountant Email

 Ms Ivis Williams Management Accountant Email

 Mr Peter Wolstenholme Financial Accountant Email


Finance Advisers →

 Ms Julie Churchyard Area Finance Adviser (Edmonton) Email

 Mr Martin Hornbuckle Area Finance Adviser (Stepney) Email

 The Revd Bruce Rickards Willesden Area Finance Adviser Email

 The Revd Mary Spredbury Area Finance Adviser (Kensington) Email


Fundraising →

 Ms Carol Ward Fundraising Support Manager Email

 Mrs Elizabeth Dulley Fundraising Manager

 Ms Sarah Reilly Fundraising Manager Email


Information and Communication Technology →

 Mr Scott Fuller Head of ICT Email

 Ms Racheal Caen IT Technician Email

 Mr Elliott Fields IT Systems Officer Email


Capital Vision 2020 →

 Ms Leanne Baguley Capital Vision - Project Manager Email

 Mr Matthew Hall CV2020 Communications Assistant Email

 Mr Lawrence Olsworth-Peter Ambassador, Creative Lead Email

 Mr Angus Stephenson Director of Capital Vision Email


Property →

 Mr Michael Bye Director of Property Email

 Ms Jane Duffy Property Administrator Email

 Mr Will Hagger Director of Housing & Investment Property Email

 Ms Emmah Lesa Property Accountant Email

 Mary Nada PA To Director of Property Email

 Ms Jayne Sennett Property Administrator Email

 Mrs Sally Shine Property Accountant and Team Leader Email


Parish Property Support Team →

 Mr Kevin Rogers Head of Parish Property Support Email

 Mr Patrick Booth Church Buildings Adviser - DAC Email

 Mr Jonathan Cusdin Church Buildings Adviser Email

 Ms Virginia Featherston Parish Property Support Administrator Email

 Mrs Sarah Hamilton Management Surveyor Email

 Mr Gabriel March Pastoral and Legal Officer Email

 Ms Zoe Shaw Church Buildings Adviser (casework) Email

 DAC Temp1 DAC Temporary Staff Email

 DAC Temp2 Diocesan Staff Email


Operational Property Team →

 Mr Alex Dykes Maintenance Manager Email

 Mr David Gregory Development Manager Email

 Mr Michael Lewis Residential Property Manager Email

 Mr Alan Sennett Receptionist Email

 Mr Paul Stark Building Surveyor Email


Investment Property →

 Mr Tom Archer Asset Manager Email

 Mr Jimmy Bell Asset Manager - Development Email


Environment and Sustainability →

 Mr Brian Cuthbertson Head of Environment and Sustainability Email


Ministry →

 The Revd Preb Dr Neil Evans Director of Ministry, Director of Ordinands, Warden of Licensed Lay Ministry Email

 Mrs Judy Barrett Diocesan Ordinands and Vocations Officer Email

 Mrs Fiona Holmer Ministry Administrator Email


Human Resources & Safeguarding →

 Ms Suzie Long Director of Human Resources and Safeguarding Email

 Ms Jill Davis HR Adviser Email

 Ms Jus Nola HR Manager Email

 Ms Susie Barber Safeguarding Project Administrator Email

 Ms Josephine Carter Safeguarding Assistant Email

 Ms Annette Gordon Safeguarding Adviser Email

 Mrs Maggie McMahon Safeguarding Adviser Email

 Mr Andy Munro Safeguarding Advisor Email

 Ms Aileen Stamate Safeguarding Manager Email


Children and Youth →

 Mr Sam Donoghue Head of Children's and Youth Ministry Support Email

 Mr Moses Baako Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Ms Polly Baker Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Mrs Jenny Barnard Capital Youth Project Manager Email

 Ms Beth Dobbs Apprentice Children's and Youth Woker Email

 Mr Michael Fourie Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Ms Savannah John-Leighton Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Ms Liz Lee Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Mr Sam North Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Ms Katie O'Conor Children's Ministry Support Worker Email

 Ms Heather Parker Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Mr Levi Phillips Creative Lead, Capital Youth Email

 The Revd Tessa Rust Early Years Mission Adviser Email

 Ms Dyna Samuel Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Ms Becky Shannon Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Jenny Tiebas Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email

 Mr Isaac Wheeler Apprentice Children's and Youth Worker Email


Synod →

 Mrs Monica Bolley Synodical Secretary Email

 Mr Gabriel March Synodical Officer Email


Data Protection Staff 

 Mrs Monica Bolley Data Protection Officer Email

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About Communications

The diocesan communications team provides support to the network of clergy, churches, parishes and other worshipping communities that comprises the Diocese of London, as well as to the staff teams of the London Diocesan Fund.

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