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/ 15 May 2014

Diocesan Synod approves draft legislation on women bishops

The London Diocesan Synod has today voted to approve the latest proposals to allow women to become bishops.

/ 17 December 2013

Governance Review Group

The Diocesan Bishop’s Council has established a Governance Review Group to look at all the structures for decision-making and corporate governance within the Diocese of London.

/ 6 July 2012

Initial results of Diocesan Synod elections

The nomination stage of the Diocesan Synod elections is now completed. The results so far show 49 out of 85 clergy places filled, leaving 36 vacancies. For the laity, 66 out of 107 placed have been filled, leaving 41 vacancies.

/ 30 November 2010

Presidential Address to Diocesan Synod

The Bishop of London’s address to Diocesan Synod, November 2010.

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