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/ 19 July 2013

Lay Reader awarded St Mellitus Medal

The Bishop of Kensington awarded the St Mellitus Medal to a lay reader on the 60th anniversary of his licensing.

/ 4 July 2013

St Mellitus Medal for Highgate pastoral assistant

The Bishop of London awarded the St Mellitus Medal to a pastoral assistant at St Augustine’s Church, Highgate.

/ 15 March 2013

St Mellitus College expands to the North West

St Mellitus North West will offer the first full time ordination training in the region for 44 years

/ 28 November 2012

Modern new home for Christian teaching in London

St Mellitus College aims at further growth.

/ 27 November 2012

Opening of St Mellitus St Jude’s hub

Address given at the opening of the St Mellitus College hub at St Jude’s Courtfield Gardens.

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