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/ 18 September 2019

#FollowTheStar this Advent and Christmas

After the UK-wide success of the Christmas #FollowTheStar Campaign the 2019 launch has kicked off for this coming Advent and Christmas. Now is … Read more

Journey Of The Magi Full Poster
/ 29 April 2019

Journey of the Magi – In your church?

Springs Dance Company is looking for venues to host its 21st anniversary production of Journey of the Magi.

Three Kings and Epiphany
/ 18 December 2018

Celebrate Epiphany!

Christmastime is crammed with things for children. Why not delay the party till the new year? Alex Taylor explores celebrating Epiphany.

/ 13 December 2018

How can your church get ready for Advent and Christmas 2019 with #FollowTheStar?

Information on why the A Church Near You website should be updated with all parish events and services, as #FollowTheStar approaches.

It's really here, a Christmas advert
/ 11 December 2018

It’s really here! A Christmas advert for your church

We’ve launched a Christmas advert to help you share your Christmas events and services online.

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