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/ 11 April 2013

Boring, biscuits, boring (part two)

Meaning, community and God. More parts of the antidote to boring church.

/ 28 March 2013

Boring, boring, boring, biscuits, boring, boring…

When we ask children what was bad about our church services, the word we most heard was ‘boring’. What’s the solution to this?

/ 12 March 2013

New funding to set up Girls’ Brigade groups

Girls’ Brigade is an excellent tool for churches to use to reach out to their community.

/ 1 March 2013

Worshiping with small children & other adventures

Screaming toddlers, the dreaded stink-eye, and other hazards of worshiping with children. What to do?

/ 27 February 2013

St Paul’s Cathedral programmes for young people

The Schools & Families department at St Paul’s has a range of activities available for young people from Diocese of London parishes.

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