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London is a place where the arts thrive, and churches are no exception. Many of them are works of art in their own right, or contain significant artwork, but they also host arts from within the communities, including music, performance art and drama.

Image: New paste-up artwork from @ezzypezzyart" (CC BY 2.0) by bablu121.

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Clothes laid out on a table.
/ 19 July 2017

A lifetime of ethical fashion?

Karen Fong, asks if there is ethical fashion and how she is influenced by buying cheap clothes made in the poorer corners of the world.

In the beginning art installation.
/ 10 July 2017

Who is the Lord? Creator of all!

Kay-Marie Stroud explores interpreting scripture through performance art installations, giving a new light to the bible at one church in Harrow.

Cellist Hannah Monkhouse and Soprano April Frederick
/ 29 June 2017

The coolest place on the hottest night of the year

The Creatives Network music evening celebrating its artists and members with a night of stunning entertainment.

Here Comes the Sony, by Mark Dean
/ 11 May 2017

Stations of the Cross / Stations of the Resurrection

Lucy Newman Cleeve reports on the Stations of the Cross at St Stephen Walbrook and its follow-up Stations of the Resurrection at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Gospel Street
/ 19 April 2017

Gospel Street – Call for performance locations

Riding Lights Theatre is calling churches to be host venues for this Autumn’s latest play – Gospel Street, from 30 Sept – 9 Dec 2017.

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