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/ 20 December 2019

Bold initiative in Cricklewood

People in northwest London today might notice some new advertising. Four churches in Cricklewood have worked together to tell the local community what they offer – carol services, meal club, kids clubs, toddler groups, English classes, homeless shelter, scouts…

The initiative is ecumenical, with one baptist, two Anglican, and a free church joining forces to place four large billboards. The adverts point to the website address We-AreOne.org which explains who the churches are, what they offer and upcoming events. There’s also a link to ‘talk to a vicar’, which allows people to confidentially email a church leader.

The homepage explains:

We’re all different and meet in different buildings, some of which aren’t even churches. However, we have one thing in common  – our faith.

Read how this idea was formed on their website. 

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