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About us: Diocesan staff

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London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London SW1P 4AU
Main Switchboard: 020 7932 1100

Email addresses generally follow the format firstname.lastname@nulllondon.anglican.org

General Secretary 

Oliver Home
General Secretary

Chareen Lyle
PA to the General Secretary

2030 Vision

Angus Stephenson
Director of Strategy and Communications

Leanne Baguley
2030 Vision – Project Manager

Alison Tsang
Head of Compassionate Communities

Pattie Gercke
Development worker: refugees, asylum seekers & modern slavery/housing & homelessness

Rachel Partridge
Senior Administrator, Compassionate Communities

Emma Brooker
Net Zero Diocesan Carbon Plan Manager

Neisha Contant
Mission Support Officer (Willesden & Kensington)


Esther Stewart
Communications and Digital Content Manager

Giles Fouhy
Communications and Marketing Assistant

Finance and Operations 

Chris Harris
Director of Finance and Operations

Agnes Dabrowska
Head of Finance

Natalie Atkins
Assistant Accountant

Ewa Ciepla
Financial Controller

Sheila Congram
Management Accountant

Shamira Hamirani
Finance Assistant

Sophia Pratt Lewis 
Property Accountant

Elaine Saunders
Finance Support Officer

Sarah Walters
Trust Accountant

Adele Parker
Payroll System Specialist

Assistant Management Accountant
James Ayles 

Finance Advisers

Julie Churchyard
Area Finance Adviser (Edmonton)

Martin Hornbuckle
Area Finance Adviser (Stepney)

The Revd Mary Spredbury
Area Finance Adviser (Kensington)

Dawn Baker
Area Finance Adviser (Willesden)

Jagoda Keshani
Area Finance Adviser (Two Cities)

Information and Communication Technology

Scott Fuller
Head of ICT

Racheal Caen
IT Technician

Elliott Fields
IT Systems Officer

Tom Au
IT Support Technician

James Pendleton
IT Support Technician

Parish Property & Fundraising

Kevin Rogers
Director of Parish Property & Fundraising

Nicole Crockett
Head of Development (Fundraising) 

Jo Love
Head of Asset Management

Alexandra Williams
Buildings Adviser

Patrick Booth
Church Buildings Adviser – DAC

Isabelle Ryan 
Church Buildings Adviser – DAC

Virginia Featherston
Pastoral, Mission and Legal Manager

Sarah Hamilton
Senior Asset Manager

Jimmy Bell
Asset Manager – Development

Sarah Wall
Senior Administrator

Aby George
Administrative Assistant

Laurie Dighton
Wren300 Project and Volunteer Officer

Housing & Investment Property

Jeremy Lock
Interim Director of Housing & Investment Property

Mary Nada
PA To Director of Housing and Investment Property

David Robinson
Senior Asset Manager

Melinda Nyoko
Operations Manager

Helen Batten
Asset Manager

Maquel Thomas
Residential Property Manager

Housing Team  

Daniel Warner
Interim Head of Housing

Alex Dykes
Maintenance Manager

Nick Leach
Repairs Manager

Paul Stark
Building Surveyor

Property Accounting & Management Information Team  

Jane Duffy
Property Administrator

Jayne Sennett
Property Administrator

Diocesan House

Alan Sennett

Isaac Olupona
Front of House Officer

Environment and Sustainability

Brian Cuthbertson
Head of Environment and Sustainability


The Revd Canon Miles Baker
Diocesan Director of Ministry

Nicki Sudworth
Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Vocations

Stellah Mubayiwa
Ministry Administrator

The Revd Rachel Greaves-Brown
Diocesan Post Ordination Training Advisor

Mirjam Ngoy Verhage
Diocesan Discipleship Enabler

For the Area Directors of Ministry please click here.


Poli Shajko
Director of People

Martin Goodwin
Head of Safeguarding

Sara Black
Safer Churches Programme Manager

Vicki Boxall
Casework Supervisor

Michelle Burns
Safeguarding Advisor (Edmonton Area)

Caryn Weber
Safeguarding Advisor (Kensington Area)

Claire Meaney
Safeguarding Advisor (Two Cities Area)

Jo Bingham
Safeguarding Advisor (Stepney Area)

Louise Ward
Safeguarding Advisor (Willesden Area)

Lee Elliott
Safeguarding Advisor

Susie Barber
Admin Support

Human Resources

Poli Shajko
Director of People

Millie Harris
HR Partner

Victoria Robinson
HR Adviser

Sprinkle Harrison
HR Administrator

Children and Youth

Sam Donoghue
Head of Children and Youth Ministry Support

Kathryn Kane
Schools Ministry Advisor

Levi Phillips
Creative Lead, Capital Youth

Sarah Agnew
Children’s Ministry Advisor

Joy Faulkner-Mpeho
Youth Ministry Advisor

Emma Biddle
Capital Youth Project Manager

Jacob Holmes
Spark Fund Administrator

Debbie Mack
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2020-2023)

Anna-Claire Kibbins
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2020-2023)

Eman Henein
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2020-2023)

PJ Greyson
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2021-2024)

Amirah Capillaire
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2022-2025)

Katherine Robinson
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2022-2025)

Richa Peter
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2022-2025)

Samson Massey
Apprentice Children’s and Youth Worker (2022-2025)


Monica Bolley
Head of Governance

Lizzie Millar
Senior Governance Officer

Data Protection Staff

Monica Bolley
Data Protection Officer

Diocesan Registrar

For details of our legal officers, please click here. 


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