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Support: Practicalities in your parish

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Practical advice for clergy, especially parish priests, on both parish and personal matters.


Pastoral matters


Working with others

These guidelines give details of different ministry roles, suggesting ways in which it may be helpful to establish good working agreements together, and which tasks may be suitable for those in particular ministries.


Mission Action Planning, audits and strategic planning

Information to support the MAP process, including community and environmental audits is available in these articles.


Advice can be found in the Parish Finance Support section

Church Buildings

Advice can be found in the Buildings and Property section

Communications and Media

Advice can be found in these articles.

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More in this section

Support for ordained ministers

Advice and support for members of the clergy.

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Help with media and parish communications.

Buildings and property

Maintenance being carried out on a church's roof

Church buildings are vital to the work of the church in London.

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The Diocese of London’s finances are mainly managed through the London Diocesan Fund, a company limited by guarantee and a charity. Most of the Fund’s income is provided by Common Fund, the money given by congregations in every parish in the Diocese of London.

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Keeping children, young people and vulnerable adults safe.

Licensed Lay Ministry

Lay minister wearing a blue scarf and preaching in church

Advice and support for licensed lay ministers.

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Word cloud of phrases related to human resources topics

Human Resources

Guidance notes and templates.

Recommended reading

These books may help you in exercising your duties in a parish. Most are available from Church House bookshop.

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