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Ministry: Vocation

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Ministry where you are

Attendees in the summer air

Whatever we do during the day, there are opportunities to reflect our faith in how we do things and what we say. Do speak to your vicar or minister about this, and you may also find further inspiration from Ambassadors 2020 and the LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity).

Lay ministers entering St Paul's passing by Ecce Homo

Being involved in your local church is an excellent way of expressing your Christian vocation. This could range from social outreach, prayer ministry, assisting with communion and worship, children’s work and chaplaincy. For those who feel called to a more formalised training for licensed lay ministry, a variety of additional information is available.

New priests ordained by Bishop of Edmonton standing outside St Pancras Euston Road

If you are considering ordained ministry, London Callings is an excellent place to start. It is an online resource provided by the Diocese of London to showcase some of the stories of ordinary Christians serving God in extraordinary ways across the capital. Answers to FAQs are available as are links to additional resources. A PDF giving more detail about the ordination process and suggestions for additional resources is available here. We also recommend that you speak with your vicar or minister and visit The Church of England’s Vocations section as part of your prayerful consideration.

If you are ordained and beginning to help others find their path, the Diocese’s Ministry team has a useful overview of the process that includes practical steps to take in this work. Download the PDF here.

Sharing the gospel of Jesus is at the heart of the Church. In sharing this message we unlock the knowledge that God wants each of us to be the person he has called us to be. For some that is a call to serve in His church in some way. Find out more here about vocations in the Church of England and how to encourage them.

Fundraising training opportunities

Your Area Director of Training and Development (ADTD) is always an excellent person to contact if you have questions and would like more information and resources. Please also spend time exploring the Ministry web pages as much of the information that you may need should be contained within.

Company of Servers London Chapter meeting with Southwark Servers

The Diocese provides a wide range of courses and events for continuing ministerial development for both ordained and lay ministers.Information on lay events is available here, and dates and booking via Eventbrite for clergy are available here.

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