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Training and development: Post Ordination Training / IME2

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We take post ordination training (POT / IME2) very seriously and aim to make every effort to offer appropriate support and development opportunities as you begin ordained life. Post ordination training takes two forms.

  1. A series of study days, seminars and conferences, sometimes on a diocesan basis, but mostly within the context of Area curates gathering together during their first three or four years of ministry.
  2. An ongoing portfolio of work produced in conjunction with Training Incumbents and submitted to the Director of POT.


During 2022-23 we will be transitioning to using Moodle as the primary host for all materials and information required for IME2. This page will be edited soon to contain key information for Training Incumbents (TI’s) only.

Downloadable Resources

A number of forms essential to this training are available to support curates and training incumbents through this process. They are:

Forms to be completed

  1. Role Description and Working Agreement Form
  2. Training plan
  3. POT Summary Record
  4. Six Month Review
  5. Eighteen Month Review
  6. End of Curacy Assessment
  7. End of Curacy Assessment for Training Incumbents
  8. Assessment form 1 for a sermon
  9. Assessment form 2 for a sermon


Resources and information

  1. Curacy Framework and Post Ordination Training (POT/IME2) overview
  2. POT Timeline
  3. Training Incumbent Role Description and Job Specification
  4. Learning Styles
  5. Gifts and competencies
  6. Guidelines for Periodic Review
  7. Safeguarding: Ordinands and LLM candidates will all need to complete Safeguarding ‘Leadership Level’ training before ordination / licencing. For Ordinands and LLMs training at St Mellitus College this will take place at their TEI (Theological Education Institution). For those studying at St Edmund’s, they will need to do this through the Diocese (current Safeguarding events are listed here). Once ‘Leadership Level’ safeguarding has been completed, a refresher course must be undertaken every three years. It is the responsibility of clergy and LLMs to undertake this training and note when it is due. More information on the Diocese’s commitment and links to the Church of England resources are available online here.


**Post Ordination Training (POT) vs Initial Ministerial Education (IME2):
Most dioceses now refer to the period of training following ordination as IME2. However, the term ‘Post Ordination Training (POT)’ continues to be used in London Diocese for philosophical reasons. When the change to ‘Initial Ministerial Education’ was made nationally, it was noted that there was actually a shift of focus from Education to Training when moving into curacy, the whole being seen in the context of life-long formation. It was decided at the time, therefore, to stay with the traditional terminology locally, whilst acknowledging the wider context.

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