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Vocation: Resources for Interested Individuals

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We believe that everybody has a calling. What’s yours?

Gaining Experience

Trying new things and finding people to help guide you in your discernment are important parts of the process. We have gathered here a few resources to help give an idea of the breadth and depth of opportunities within the church.


There are a number of different ways the Diocese of London supports individuals in furthering their theological and practical knowledge and education. The different pathways are designed to support individuals from a range of backgrounds and with a diversity of experience and academic styles.

Diocese of London Processes

Navigating a new path in life may feel overwhelming at times. To help with the complexity and importance of discerning your vocation, the Diocese of London has a number of processes in place to help support individuals through the various requirements for different roles within the church.


The first point of contact as your explore your vocation is your local vicar. As you move through the process, you will meet a range of others invested in supporting individuals seeking to expand their involvement in the church. A few of the Diocese’s main contacts are below.

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