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Finance: The Bishop of London’s Mission Fund

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Since 2004, the Bishop of London’s Mission Fund (BLMF) has supported mission work throughout the Diocese, aimed at reaching ‘beyond the walls of the church’ to increase its mission work in areas of social need as well as keeping pace with the needs of the growing church in London. Over one hundred projects have received support with grants totalling £5.3m.

Throughout the Diocese of London there is a growing need to support social projects in deprived areas owing to the withdrawal of council and government funding.

The Diocese through the BLMF is uniquely equipped for this role. Through its 450 parishes, the Diocese of London is present in every community, and BLMF support for projects can really make a difference to communities in areas of need.

As the Revd Michael Learmouth, Team Rector of Barnsbury Parish, said:

“There is a real need for community and for people to get to know those they are living beside. Many secular bodies do great projects working with particular groups of people but few attempt to bring all types of people together. I have seen that the church has been able to take a lead on this task.”

Core funding for BLMF comes from the Church Commissioners but the increasing number of projects applying for funding from the BLMF means that additional funds are needed to enable the Diocese to respond to the needs of communities north of the Thames. Please help us to help those in need by donating to the BLMF.

What the Mission Fund will support

Applications are welcomed from all ecclesial communities and chaplaincies that operate within the Diocese of London.

The Mission Fund does not have concrete eligibility criteria but applications must:

  • Be in accordance with Capital Vision 2020
  • Be for expenditure of at least £10,000 in aggregate (otherwise it will be referred to the Area Council or the Diocesan Loans Group)
  • Be for revenue expenditure only and not be applied to any capital element in a mission project
  • Give due attention to the promotion of new forms of Church and to projects which help to redefine the Church of the 21st century.

Over the next three years, the Mission Fund is committed to supporting Children, Youth and Family projects. This supports one of our key Capital Vision 2020 goals: to double the number of young people involved in the local Christian community. The Mission Fund has only limited funds and is committed to spending 90% of those funds on this objective.

Each application is considered on its own merits. However, the Mission Fund is unlikely to fund additional curates or to support posts that are essentially administrative in nature.

As the work of the Mission Fund Board continues it is likely that the Board will wish to add to the above in the light of its experience. Such additions will be communicated by the amendment of these guidelines from time to time.


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