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Finance: Parish finance support

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The aim of this section of the website is to help our churches to thrive financially, by providing related articles on:

See all articles on Parish Finance support or Money Matters, the newsletter for treasurers and anyone with an interest in parish finance.


Fundraising is a part of most churches’ lives. Use our range of ‘how to’ guides in the fundraising toolkit to be more effective in your fundraising campaigns. Find out about training seminars and workshops taking place near you, or contact a member of the fundraising team to discuss your fundraising needs.

Find out how to engage congregations and make the most from applications through our fundraising pages.

Parish Resources website

This national website holds a range of good quality resources. Particularly recommended are the pages on:

Supporting you

This resource section will be built by:

  • Sifting and filtering existing knowledge. This may come from finance advisers, other dioceses, other websites or National Church teams.
  • Identifying topic champions to make use of their expertise. They would be invited to volunteer with the programme, to deliver training or supply materials.
  • Directing parishes to what we consider to be the best source of advice on each topic.
  • Developing model documentation and tools.
  • Expanding our training programme to give opportunity for face to face support delivered by topic champions.

If you have specific examples or suggestions, please contact the Director of Finance and Operations.

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