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Loans and Grants: Area Grants and Loan

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Each Archdeaconry (Area) in London holds a limited amount of money to assist parishes in the form of grants and interest free loans. There is usually a cap of £20,000 per grant and £20,000 per loan application.

As each Area allocates this money in different ways your first point of contact should be your Area Finance Adviser who will be able to provide a schedule of deadlines for applications, relating to the dates of Area Council meetings. The Area Council makes the final agreement on awards, and also has procedures to enable them to deal with urgent requests.

Basic requirements

An example of a typical application form is attached.

Forms may vary from Area to Area but you may be asked to provide:

  • a copy of your most recent Examined/Audited annual accounts and report
  • your current Mission Action Plan
  • proof that your Common Fund payments are up-to-date
  • an outline of the purpose of your application

If an award is made

The AFA will write in formal confirmation and the PCC will need to sign an agreement that specifies the details of the award. Where a grant and loan have been awarded together they will usually be drawn in parallel. Information about any loan repayment will be included in the letter. Typically repayments of the interest free loans begin six months to one year after the loan is first drawn and are spread over two further years. Repayments are collected through the Direct Debit system.


Grant / Loan Application to Area Council (pdf)Download
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