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Giving: Regular Giving/Stewardship

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Regular Giving, also known as Stewardship, is an essential pillar of church income. Across London over a third of parish income comes from our congregation members giving on a regular basis either by the Parish Giving Scheme, standing order or cash in envelopes.

Giving regularly to church is not just about keeping the Sunday service going or looking after a building, it is an essential part of our Christian calling to mission. Giving to church allows us all to support the ongoing Christian ministry within our communities.

Knowing this, it is important that we talk regularly and confidently to congregations about giving. We recommend talking to parishes about giving at least twice per year, one of which will include a renewal where you ask the congregation to consider their giving and whether they can increase. Every few years churches should also hold targeted giving programmes which last several weeks. For more information on giving/stewardship programmes see here.

When discussing regular giving it is important to understand the needs and position of your audience. This means that in each church’s context the stewardship/giving conversations may be slightly different but underlying it all is the commitment of our whole lives to Christ and the dedication of our whole selves to His mission.

Other types of giving:
One off Digital Giving (inc. Debit/Credit Cards)

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