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Giving: Regular Giving/Stewardship Programmes

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Regular Giving to the church is an important aspect of committing ourselves to Christ. As leaders we must be confident in sharing this message with our congregations.

As part of this, every 2-3 years churches should undertake an extended (2-4 weeks), targeted giving/stewardship programme.

Various resources available to help you plan a stewardship programme are listed below:

  1. The National Church has two frameworks for giving programmes:
    1. A Parish Funding Programme
    2. A Simple Giving Programme (this is more targeted at small and/or rural churches)
  2. Popular frameworks which originated in other Dioceses and which are free to access:
    1. Giving in Grace
    2. Trio
    3. Give 10 (this is for churches wishing to introduce tithing)
  3. The Area Finance Advisers have produced a short document which highlights some of the key considerations for planning a stewardship programme. This can be downloaded below.

If you would like to speak to someone about planning a stewardship programme, or about any other aspect of regular giving/stewardship, you can contact the Finance Adviser for your area whose details can be found here.

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