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Giving: The Parish Giving Scheme

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The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a highly efficient and well developed system to help churches manage and develop their planned giving.
Donors make their monthly (or quarterly, half yearly or annual) gifts by direct debit on the 1st of the month to PGS. The donation is restricted to the donors’ church. PGS then claim the Gift Aid on the donation before transferring the full donation to the PCC’s account on the 20th of the month and transferring the Gift Aid once it has been received by them from HMRC (usually later the same month).
The Scheme also allows the donor to opt to increase their giving annual by the rate of inflation (RPI) and there is an option for the donor to be anonymous.

How PGS works

Benefits of PGS

• Improves PCC cash flow – Gift Aid is returned each month
• Saves administration time – deals with Gift Aid recording and claiming
• Donors can opt to increase their gift annually by inflation
• Reduces work for treasurer – only two entries on the bank statement each month
• Free at point of use- the PCC receive the whole amount of the gift and the Gift Aid and there is no charge for resources
• One form for donors to sign
• No need for donors to make changes if PCC moves bank
• Easy for donors to change the amount

If you would like to know more about PGS please contact your Finance Adviser. They are also the person to contact to order further resources (Gift forms, tokens, donor booklets)


Resource Order FormDownload
Detailed Donor BookletDownload
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PGS Implementation HandbookDownload
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