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Giving: Digital Giving

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This page covers non-regular digital giving. For information on Direct Debit giving please read our pages on the Parish Giving Scheme and for standing orders please see our pages on stewardship.

Digital Giving can be broken down into two distinct methods: card readers and online (web-based).

Card Readers

Card readers are essentially the same as card payment devices used in shops and cafés. Depending on the device they can accept contactless and/or Chip & PIN payments and donations.

This is a rapidly developing method of giving and there are frequent new entrants to the market place. In general there are two types of reader:

  1. A small terminal that needs to be paired with a smart phone and therefore needs supervision
  2. A stand-alone terminal that may be left unattended (these tend to be significantly more expensive)

A third type is currently being developed which can be passed around during the offering.

A number of brands have agreed deals with the Church of England for preferential pricing. These include SumUp, iZettle, Paya and GoodBox and these options can be purchased through Parish Buying. Other companies also offer commercially available units including Data Developments and WorldPay.

If you have any questions about card readers please contact your Area Finance Adviser.

Online (Web-Based) Giving

Online giving is often an under-utilised method of collecting non-regular donations. In our increasingly digitised world many people, and especially younger people, will be quicker to reach for their phone than reach into their pocket for some loose change.

If you are looking at how to encourage online giving the first thing to do is to create a page on your church website about giving. This should include information on how to become a regular giver as well as one-off donations.

As a minimum this page should include the parish bank details so that people can set up standing orders and/or make a direct donation.

If you would like to move to take your web-offering to the next level you can introduce a “Give Now” button. There are a number of providers which offer this option to churches (usually as part of a donations recording package). As Finance Advisers we are constantly reviewing these providers to find options in this emerging sector. One provider you may wish to look at is Church Suite.

We also anticipate a number of providers bringing giving “apps” onto the market in the near future. As and when these become available we will review them and provide updates within Money Matters.

If you have information that you would like to share about an online or app-based giving programme that you use please contact your Area Finance Adviser.

For information on Gift Aid in relation to contactless donations click here.

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