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Gift Aid & GASDS: Gift Aid software

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There are several software packages that will enable the recording of one off or regular gifts and have an inbuilt process to make the Gift Aid claim.

The church will still need to have first registered with HMRC and to have set up a government gateway account. Details of how to do this are on the Parish Resources website (factsheet 1 for registration and factsheet 10 for obtaining a government gateway account – click here

Two companies producing software are Data Developments and Envelope Systems. Both of these companies enable a free trial of their products which may help you to choose which is appropriate

Data Developments have a PC package called Donations co-ordinator with full details at Donations co-ordinator . This has a one off cost for the package and will allow you to have copies of the package and data on a number of computers. Updates are available to download periodically.

Data Developments also have an online package called My Giving which has the same functions as Donations Co-ordinator but lots of additional features as well. There are full details at My Giving. This has monthly cost.

Envelope Systems have an online package called Fund Filer which is also has a monthly cost. Full details are at Fund Filer.

The advantage of online packages is that they are always up to date and data is held securely and can be viewed or input from any computer where there is an internet connection.

There are various other online options which are either standalone or part of a church management package and more information about these and digital giving generally is available at Parish Resources.

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