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Financial Procedures: Financial controls

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All PCCs are charities which means all PCC Members are the trustees of the charity. This comes with the legal responsibility to ensure good financial management.

Financial controls are rules put in place by a PCC that direct PCC Members and parish staff/volunteers on how to handle the financial resources of the parish. They ensure that everyone is using the resources available to them in an appropriate and legal way.

The Area Finance Advisers have put together a booklet, covering the basics of Financial Controls, which can be downloaded below. The booklet is accompanied by a risk assessment checklist which can also be downloaded.

At the end of the booklet you will find directions to other resources. These include the official Charity Commission guidance found in the document Internal Financial Controls for Charities (CC8). They have also produced an accompanying yes/no checklist which goes through all essential controls.

For further advice about writing or reviewing financial controls please speak to your Area Finance Adviser.


WAFC1 Financial Controls Guidance.docx  Download  
WAFC2 Financial Controls Checklist.docx  Download  


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