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Financial Procedures: Accountancy Packages

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Many treasurers use Microsoft Excel for their bookkeeping and to produce their end of year accounts but if you are looking for some more formal software then there are some options out there.

As a Diocese we often suggest Finance Coordinator from Data Developments because it is one of the few packages specifically designed for churches. It has enough capability for the majority of churches and will automatically produce your end of year accounts in the legally required format.

Finance Coordinator is a great all-round accounting package however some parishes find that it doesn’t suit their individual needs (for instance it does not include payroll capability and it is not a cloud-based system). If you wish to use an accountancy software package but not Finance Coordinator you may want to have a look at this leaflet produced by Stewardship which outlines the pros and cons of several different packages. The important thing to remember when comparing software packages is their capability for fund accounting. Much professional accounting software is unable to account for different funds meaning it is unsuitable for keeping charity accounts.

One package not included in the Stewardship paper is from Liberty Accounts. Liberty are relatively new into the charity accounting arena therefore the package has not received wide-spread recognition but it is a cloud-based, fund accounting software that includes payroll capability.

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