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Communications: About Ministry Matters

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Ministry Matters is produced by the Communications Manager for the Diocese of London. Items are added to this website throughout the month and a summary email is sent out on or about the 26th of each month.

Circulation by email

An email is sent to all Diocesan Clergy & Ordinands, Readers & Readers in Training, Commissioned Lay Ministers, Church Officers, Parish Administrators, Deanery Lay Chairs, Diocesan House Staff, Area Staff and Bishop’s Council members when the mailing is published.

To submit information for possible inclusion

Events and jobs should be added to the diocesan website: www.london.anglican.org/events and www.london.anglican.org/jobs.

Links to the jobs and events pages are included in every mailing.

For classified ads please email the Communications Team to submit items for inclusion. The deadline is usually the 19th of each month, but can vary due to public holidays and staff availability. Any items likely to be of general interest across the Diocese will be considered.

Having problems using Ministry Matters?

Read through our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions

Some questions and answers to guide you around Ministry Matters.

1. Where’s the Cycle of Prayer?

The latest Cycle of Prayer, in both A4 and A5 formats, is uploaded to the Cycle of Prayer page as soon as it is received from the Editor.

2. How do I get an event listed?

Please add your event to the listings on the events page. All events and courses related to the Continuing Ministerial Development programme are listed here.

To add your event, use the online form. You do not need to log in to use this facility.

This service is free, but DIY.

3. What can go in as a classified ad?

We try to keep material on Ministry Matters as relevant to the ministry work of our parishes as possible. We are often asked to publicise resources, locations that will be interesting and relevant for some people but not necessarily to a large audience. The notice board collects together classifieds-type material.

We are happy to host job adverts for vacancies that are likely to be of interest to Christians within London. These should be added to the jobs section in order to be listed. (All adverts go through an approval process before being published.)

4. Email addresses look funny

We have used a system which protects email addresses from being ‘harvested’ by spammers. Most web browsers should cope well so that email links can be clicked on as normal. Otherwise, the address is displayed like communications [at] london.anglican.org – in which case simply replace [at] with @.

5. Who receives the Ministry Matters mailing?

Ministry Matters is meant for everyone with an interest in the mission and ministry of the Church in London. Clergy in the Diocese automatically receive the monthly summary by email, as do parish ‘officers’ such as PCC secretaries, treasurers, churchwardens and administrators.

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