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St Edmund’s Course in Christian Studies: Training to become a Licensed Lay Minister

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Core criteria

Licensed Lay Ministers will fulfil three core criteria in their ministry. When selected they will show potential to:

  1. Clearly know and express the good news of Jesus Christ
  2. Teach and train others in the Christian faith
  3. Be leaders in ministry and mission, in partnership with incumbents and other lay leaders in the parish

Education and Training

Those called to the role of Licensed Lay Minister will normally undertake three years of academic and formational education and training. That will consist of two years of theological study (paid for by the student) followed by the St Edmund’s LLM training course, which consists of a number of Saturdays over a year.

The Diocese of London will cover the total cost of the St Edmunds LLM training course for all candidates who have been successful in the LLM discernment process and have previously completed the Christian studies course.

Students are required to complete several projects during the year focused on a particular area of interest and agreed with the course leader. These could be submitted in a variety of appropriate forms such as art, poetry, music, video, audio or traditional essay writing. Students will meet their personal tutor regularly for support during the course.

Course Entry Requirements

  • Passing the two year St Edmund’s Course in Christian Studies or other approved education
  • Recommendation by Parish Priest and PCC (or equivalent) through Diocesan discernment process for training for LLM ministry

Next Step

Talk it over with your parish priest or chaplain who will be able to advise on next steps.

Further Resources

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