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St Edmund’s Course in Christian Studies

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What is the Course in Christian Studies?

The course in Christian Studies is designed to explore Christian theology and discover afresh its relevance for everyday life and ministry. The aim of the course is to give you a foundational knowledge of key themes in Christianity – and, crucially, how to apply these themes in ministry at your local church. The experience and prior knowledge of each group will shape the level of the learning.

There are three options of study.

All are welcome on this two-year, non-accredited course. Teaching and assessments are tailored to individual needs, and group sessions are welcoming and inclusive. The Autumn 2021 term is being held online.

The St Edmund’s Course in Christian Studies may be used as the first two years of the three year LLM training requirements. More information on criteria, the discernment process and additional resources is available here.

In this one-year course, you will join an online study group taking an overview of Scripture, its interpretation, and the foundations of Christian faith and practice. Delivered online through the Moodle e-learning platform, there are no ‘classes’ as such, but you will interact online with other learners, and the course facilitator, in sharing ideas and learning as you move through the course material week-by-week.

An introduction to Moodle will be given. If you can competently use the internet, you’re ready to go.

This is one of two one-year online courses we hope to eventually offer (the second,on Church, Discipleship and Ethics, will launch in 2022). Anyone considering Licensed Lay Ministry via these courses would be expected to complete both to the required standard, though not necessarily in consecutive years.

Please email St Edmund’s to register your interest for 2022 and to book a place for 2021.

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