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The Spark Fund: Submit your idea

Submit your idea

Before you submit your idea, please download both guideline packs below and give the Sponsor Guidelines to your Vicar, Youth Worker or Chaplain. You should read the Applicant Guidelines and work through the checklist at the back of with them. This helps you both understand what to expect.

An application to The Spark Fund comes with a commitment to see your project idea through to completion. We encourage you to prayerfully consider whether you can commit the time – please read the guidelines first so you know exactly what’s expected.

  • Talk about your idea with your friends and ask an adult to ‘sponsor’ you – this person will be your main support throughout the process (they could be your youth worker, vicar or school chaplain)
  • Read the guidelines in full with your Sponsor
  • Submit your initial idea
  • Attend a “Funding Factory” workshop to chat through and develop your ideas, where you’ll begin filling in the grant application form, which we’ll provide during the workshop!

How it works

Ideas must be submitted by 14 February 2020 to be considered for this round of funding.

1: Submit your idea

Submit your idea through the online form. It will be reviewed by our team and if your application is valid (make sure you read the guidelines first!), you’ll receive an invitation to attend a “Funding Factory” workshop.

2: Attend a workshop

You’ll join other applicants to develop your idea into a feasible plan, with help from amazing facilitators who are using their skills in missional ways every day.

During the workshop, you’ll begin filling in the grant application form, which you’ll complete and return to us later with help from your Sponsor.

3: Present your project

After your grant application is submitted, you’ll be invited to present your finished idea to The Spark Fund’s board. We’ll be on hand to make sure your idea is presented as well as possible, and your Sponsor will be able to help you prepare too.

4: Receive your funding

If your pitch is successful and the funds are granted to help make your idea a reality, your church or school will receive up to £5,000 in stages. Along the way, we’ll ask you to show how you’ve spent the money and share the impact it’s having.

The guidelines

Once you have read the guidelines in full with your Sponsor, you can submit your idea below.

About the funding

The appropriate level of monitoring will be put in place depending on the length of the project and the number of young people reached/engaged. Grants of £3,000-£5,000 will have a higher expectation in terms of the length of the project and numbers of young people reached.

Who can apply?

  • Young people aged 12-25 who want to share their faith in Jesus with 11-18s, who have been part of a church community in the Diocese of London for at least 6 months
  • Young people who are part of church plants and missional communities (as defined in the College of Bishops Policy Papers 2 and 5)

What we WILL fund

  • Young peoples’ ideas and innovation
  • Projects which talk/share about faith in Jesus
  • Social action projects which integrate faith *
  • Solid resources like publicity or food/refreshments for your event
  • Projects explicitly linked to your church
  • Projects with potential to appeal to 11-18s
  • Projects with a clear plan, budget and expected impact on reaching 11-18s

* We can put you in touch with Capital Mass who can give advice and support on tackling poverty and inequality in your community!

What we WON'T fund

  • A paid youth worker
  • Project ideas that aren’t owned and led by young people
  • A church youth project that isn’t missional in focus
  • Projects which lack detail and long-term vision
  • Young people without suitable Sponsors

Financing conditions

  • Long-term projects will get 50% of your money at the start of the project and 50% mid-way through the project.
    • The first 50% will be released once the full, completed and signed, Grant Offer Letter has been returned.
    • We must receive proof that you have spent the first 50% of money before we can release the other 50% of funding. You must submit a short mid-project monitoring report outlining what you have done and what you have spent the money on together with proof of what you have spent e.g. receipts, invoices.
  • Smaller grants and short-term projects will receive 100% at the start of the project. These funds will be released once the full, completed and signed Grant Offer Letter has been returned.
  • You MUST submit evidence for 100% spend of your project together with a short report of what you have done and what you spent the money on.
  • Grants will only be paid straight into your church’s bank account.
  • Failure to submit proof of expenditure, the mid-project monitoring form and the evaluation form, may hinder future applications being successful.

Ready to submit your idea?

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