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Christianity Explored

An introduction to the Christian faith and exploration of the claims of Christianity.



Designed to help Christian students to read a gospel with a friend.

Talking Jesus

A 6 week course based on national research designed to build confidence in sharing our faith.


The Natural Evangelism Course

A 6 session course by J.John that helps people become more confident to share their faith.


The Pilgrim Course

A resource aimed at helping every local Church create a space for people to explore the Christian faith.

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A course that involves video clips and discussion and helpful for people to start to explore the big questions.



A 6 session course exploring contemporary spirituality bridging traditional evangelistic courses and new-age friendly events.


Fruitfulness on the Frontline

A resource to help equip you to become more fruitful in the place where you spend most of your time.

jesus at the door

Jesus at the Door

A resource to help us talk to those in the community about Jesus

Faith pictures

Faith Pictures

A free small group resource from Church Army to help us share our story of faith with confidence.


Discovering Jesus through Asian Eyes

An 8-week course designed to reach people with an Asian background.

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