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Mentoring and Spiritual Direction

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What is Spiritual Direction?

Jesus could be said to be the model spiritual director, asking people questions that helped them to discover what they believed, what they longed for, what prevented them from pursuing what they so desired and supporting them as they explored.

Ever since Jesus, Christians who want to explore and grow in their faith have instinctively sought out others whom they trusted to listen to them and to be alongside them. These “soul friends” don’t do the directing. Together with the person seeking direction they listen and try to discern God’s voice in the directee’s life.

The London Centre for Spiritual Direction is the Diocese’s one stop shop for anything you might like to know about spiritual direction. But it isn’t just for London and it isn’t just for members of the Church of England. It is for anyone who would like to understand in more detail what spiritual direction is, how to get a director or how to train to be a director. If you want to find out more, you can go to www.lcsd.org.uk, phone 020 7621 1391 or email info@nulllcsd.org.uk.


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