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Welcome to our youth ministry resources page!
Below you'll find a selection of handpicked resources that have been reviewed by us or recommended by people we trust.

Latest resources


Created in partnership with Ambassadors, VOCALISE is a series of short videos filmed by five young people exploring Christianity. The questions are simple, the answers are unscripted and the footage was decided by the young people involved. The video footage was turned into a short session that will help anyone start meaningful conversations with young people in their church.

Getting Started in Schools

This booklet written by Kathryn Kane, Mary Kok and Alex Taylor shares insights from the Kensington Schools Mission and those working in schools to bring you a range of tips, examples and guidance on building relationships and developing activities, including how to use OFSTED curriculum requirements to create an offer that’s hard for schools to turn down.

Resources for confirmation

Confirmed: Your journey to confirmation

Confirmed is a new course from the Youth Minster team at Christ Church W4, revolving around a badge collection system (similar to Scouts). The course presents key Christian disciplines in a way that young people can easily understand and try for themselves.

This free resource pack gives you everything you need to run the course, including print and slide templates, cheat sheets and instructions for ordering the badges. There is no charge for the resource pack but you’ll need to pay for your own badges. Download the course below.

“I am delighted at the work that the youth team at Christ Church W4 has already done as one of the Youth Minsters in the diocese. They have pioneered a number of initiatives, such as the Confirmed course, and my hope is that this can begin to be of value to other churches as they develop their own ministry among young people.”
– Bishop Graham Tomlin


Confirmed  Download  

YOUCAT: Confirmation Book

YOUCAT is the Catechism of the Catholic Churches for adolescents and young people. The most important contents of the faith are summarised briefly and comprehensibly in the format of questions and answers. The confirmation book inspires young people to learn the contents of the faith in preparation for their confirmation.

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Below is a database we’re building of existing resources out there that cover a range of different topics and purposes. We’ve included the cost, who it’s for, who it’s made by and how much input it will need from you. Click on a row to see all the details and get the link to access. Click the search icon or use the filters to narrow your search.

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