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What we do: Youth ministry

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Connect with your support team

Our monthly newsletter and social media channels share useful and practical content on a regular basis, but we’re passionate about supporting those working in our churches. To book a support session or connect with someone directly, feel free to contact us at youth@nulllondon.anglican.org.

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Capital Youth

Capital Youth is an opportunity for our Diocese to explore together what it looks like to welcome, listen to and engage young people in our communities, with an increased focus on evangelism and discipleship within our youth work.

Apprenticeship Scheme

2019 Apprenticeship applications now open! Apply before 13 May.

We are working alongside Parishes across the Diocese to raise up a new generation of children and youth workers from within our communities.

With funding support from the BLMF, Apprentices are employed by the Diocese and work within a parish for three years, enabling parishes to significantly expand or develop their youth and children’s ministry. We have four funded places available each year, and applications are now open for September 2019.

Looking to hire a youth worker / minister?

We can support you in recruiting the right person for your community and helping them settle in. Things we can help with include:

  • Refining the job scope and job description
  • Guidance on the right salary and benefits
  • Safeguarding expectations and processes
  • Guidance on what to expect and how to manage them
  • Distributing the vacancy through our networks
  • Ongoing supervision/advisory support

Whatever stage you are at, feel free to contact us.

Advice and consultancy

One of the most valuable things we can provide is a brain to pick! The Diocese of London has partnered with CONCRETE to provide free consultancy on engaging young people.

CONCRETE is a youth ministry organisation with a specialism in urban areas; meaning they are suitably equipped to support our Diocese. Founder James Fawcett has been working with young people full-time for the last 15 years in a variety of contexts and for the last 10 of them in the east end of London, Tower Hamlets.

Starting a youth group

We would like to help parishes who want to launch youth groups, so we have formed a partnership with Urban Saints. If you can find a small group of volunteers then this partnership will provide resources, training, consultancy and everything you need to get you through the first year.

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