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What we do: Youth ministry

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Now available: Young People and the Church

A new resource by Capital Youth and Dave Walker

Young people, especially those aged 11-18, are an underrepresented group in our churches. This booklet contains some ideas about how we can begin to address that, not through huge programmes, but simple acts that make our churches more welcoming. Help us put this in the hands of every church member in our Diocese.

Capital Youth

Capital Youth is the response to calls to be more radical, for people across the Diocese to spend an increasing amount of time focused on young people as part of our ministry, and for this work to be seen as too important to delegate or avoid. Capital Youth means we will increase our focus on evangelism and discipleship within our youth work.


With funding support from the BLMF, we are training fully-qualified youth workers from within the Diocese with mentoring on the job throughout a three year placement.

Appointing a paid worker has proved really hard in London over recent years. This program seeks to help by allowing you to invest in someone with potential rather than try and find the finished article. There are currently four funded places available each year that we try and group in an episcopal area, but you can buy into the scheme at any time.

Advice and consultancy

One of the most valuable things we can provide is a brain to pick! The Diocese of London has partnered with CONCRETE to provide free consultancy on engaging young people.

CONCRETE is a youth ministry organisation with a specialism in urban areas; meaning they are suitably equipped to support our Diocese. Founder James Fawcett has been working with young people full-time for the last 15 years in a variety of contexts and for the last 10 of them in the east end of London, Tower Hamlets.

Starting a youth group

We would like to help parishes who want to launch youth groups, so we have formed a partnership with Urban Saints. If you can find a small group of volunteers then this partnership will provide resources, training, consultancy and everything you need to get you through the first year.

Get involved

For more information or to book a session about any of the above, please contact the youth ministry team at youth@nulllondon.anglican.org.

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