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The Engine Room and St Francis Church, Tottenham Hale: Working with the community to meet their needs

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The vision for this dynamic Lee Valley Estates development has been to create a sustainable, high quality, urban village that acts as a catalyst for the regeneration of Tottenham Hale following the riots in 2011. This includes accommodation for 1,200 students, 542 affordable homes for sale and rent and 140 private apartments. In total there will be 870 mixed tenure houses ranging from 1-4 bedrooms.

However the flash veneer of the new flats that have been built conceal one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in England. The most recent census date (2011) for the neighbouring Ferry Lane estates shows that out of the 5000 households there are over 1000 single mums in the area, 400 elderly people living in isolation, 700 households with dependent children but no employed adults and 25% of the households have someone with a disability or long-term health problem.

This new development presents an exciting opportunity for the church to form the cornerstone of this community, providing for their spiritual needs as well as resourcing the community with much needed facilities for them to run a huge range of activities.

The vision for the Engine Room has been developed by working with the developers Lee Valley Estates and listening to the views of housing associations, existing community organisations and local people. There has been a team on the ground in Tottenham Hale since 2012, formed in partnership with the London City Mission.

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