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The Engine Room and St Francis Church, Tottenham Hale: The chance to help others and make a difference

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Habeebah lives with her mother, sisters and nephews in Ferry Lane Estate. After coming into contact with Andrew from the Engine Room through a youth work project her nephew enjoys, she was inspired by how well he connected with the children and how successful he was in keeping them off the streets and out of trouble and has been actively volunteering with kids and adults ever since.

Habeebah lost her job due to persistent illness and says this is just what she has needed to build her confidence up:

“It just takes one person to believe in you. I feel called to Social Work and Andrew is helping me to develop skills towards that, to understand people better.”

Habeebah feels that the Engine Room has brought out the best in people like herself and her family who would not normally get involved with the community.

“It takes a village to raise a child, not just your parents. The Engine Room is not just somewhere safe for kids to go, it also gives other adults the chance to have an input in their lives… everyone feels connected.”

Habeebah’s sister is now applying to train as a Community Engagement worker. She says:

“If the centre was bigger, it would help to reach even further into the community.”

We’re raising money to build the permanent community centre in Hale Village. Can you help to provide opportunities for more young adults to reach their potential and empower them to give back to their community?

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