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What we do: Environment and sustainability

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The Diocese of London aims to be a leader in the field of environmental concern and action.

We believe that care for the natural environment, which is God’s creation, is a fundamental duty for all Christians.

Christians believe that God intends to redeem all of creation through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Let’s all be a part of that!

Eco Church

Eco Church is the Christian environmental scheme for churches run by A Rocha UK.

Eco Church provides tools to help churches weave their response to environmental issues into all that they do.

In a time of unprecedented environmental stresses, Eco Church enables churches to respond to God’s mandate to human beings to care for His creation, by integrating environmental care throughout their church’s life and mission.

The Diocese of London encourages churches to join Eco Church. Join more than 1,200 other churches who are making a difference through Eco Church, including more than 50 churches registered in the Diocese of London. These include one gold award winner, three silvers, and eleven bronze award winners in the Diocese.

Capital Vision 2020

The Diocese’s seven year vision statement has highlighted many ways in which the Diocese has reflected on the times we live in, and sought to respond, including:

  • In a universal city, we have learned that we are part of creation – instead of adding to human burdens on creation, we must participate in God’s plan to redeem it.

Flagship programmes

Our Capital Vision flagship programmes for the environment are:

  • Route 2050. This is the Diocese’s campaign to reduce the energy use and carbon emissions of all our churches and buildings.
  • Churchyards for London, our long-term project to care for the wildlife in our churchyards.

More about the Environment and Sustainability

  • Shrinking the Footprint is the strapline for the Church of England Environmental Programme, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of the Church of England.
  • Care for Creation describes the effects of climate change and other environmental impacts. As Christians, who believe God made the world, we are convinced of our duty to care for God’s creation.
  • Churches and People explains how to take practical actions to help protect the environment, both within your church community and in your own life.
  • An Interconnected World shows how we should care for each other – especially those affected by climate change and environmental disaster, whether in the UK or overseas.


Diocesan Synod

Diocesan Synod receives regular reports on the environment. Their subject matter has included:

  • Energy and carbon, climate change and our responses
  • Eco Church (see above)
  • Outcomes from UN climate change negotiations
  • Possible expansion of Heathrow Airport
  • Social and cultural change

See the last two reports:

Environmental Policy

The Diocese’s policy for the environment was adopted by Diocesan Synod in 2010. The policy states that care for God’s creation is fundamental to the Christian gospel, and sets out strategic ambitions for the Diocese, clergy and congregations, and church schools – with the spiritual and theological principles which underpin them.

See Diocesan Environmental Policy.

Environment and the calendar

Throughout the year, there is a range of occasions and traditions, within and beyond the Church, by which we celebrate God’s creation and encourage each other to take care of it. Let’s all take part.

The environment around the year.

Whose future?

Climate change and other dangerous environmental changes are already happening. They will become increasingly severe and threatening, every year and every day we neglect to deal with them with firmness and perseverance.

At a national meeting on the environment in Lambeth Palace in 2009, a government minister, the Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP, said:

“We used to think that climate change was a problem for our grandchildren, then we found out it was a problem for our children, now we realise it is a problem for us.”

We want the voice of children and young people to be heard through our voices and reflected in our actions concerning the environment, especially climate change. That is why our more than 150 church schools, and all their pupils and students, are so important. It is their future.

Christians believe the future is also in God’s hands, and we must ultimately answer to God.

Church and Earth, and our Diocesan Environmental Policy, contain reflections on how the Church of England and Diocese of London regard our responsibility towards God’s creation.

To find out more

Contact Brian Cuthbertson, Head of Environment and Sustainability.

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