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What we do: Community ministry

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The Community Ministry Team is based at Causton Street and is part of the wider Strategic Development Team.

The benefit of being part of the Diocese in all its diversity is that there is already a network of churches and people involved in around 1016 Community Ministry activities. These activities provide support for children, youth, families, homeless, elderly, disability, health, addictions and other vulnerable groups. The Community Ministry team aim to facilitate learning, inspiration and support among this network. We do this through:

  1. Theology – Encouraging parishes to develop a theological perspective in relation to their community involvement and concern.
  2. Resources – A hub of ideas, courses, articles, reports, organisations, events, training and stories – shared through the website, enews and twitter feed.
  3. Face to face support – Helping parishes to identify the needs of their local community and decide how to get involved.
  4. Sharing best practice – Linking up churches to share best practice.

This may include: leading training sessions with your congregation, PCC or planning group; helping your church to do a neighbourhood survey, parish profile or audit; organising Community Ministry Days; convening peer groups to share experiences; or helping you make your building a flexible space.

Getting Started

Information gathering about your community

A number of online tools make it easy to research your local area.

Supporting your project

  • Supporting your project – these resources support you in managing staff and volunteers, writing policies and seeking training and funding.

Targeted resources

Specific resources for areas of need that you might be looking to address. Click on the links below for courses, articles, mission partners, stories and training.

Mission Partners

  • Mission partners – partnership is key to providing care for your community that is well resourced and thought through. Here are the details of mission partners we know of and recommend exploring.

Funding & Resourcing

  • Funding & Resourcing – a list of people who may like to fund your project, have a scan if you are looking for people to apply to.


Details of Community Ministry events and training are in the Events pages.


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