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Children’s ministry: Children’s charter

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The Children’s Charter is a scheme set up to help your parish develop the welcome you offer to children. We are currently working to update and improve our Children’s Charter. We look forward to sharing the Charter with you in the near future!

Four Key Areas

The charter asks you to develop your work with children in four key areas. These were decided upon through consultation throughout the Diocese. We do not expect you to change everything at once but instead, the charter asks that you change something for the better each year. It is non-prescriptive and allows you to interpret the charter within your tradition. The key areas are:

1. Worship

Children are welcomed into the heart of the parishes worship. They are neither entertained nor distracted but are encouraged to take a full part, in the same way as any adult member.

What might this look like?

  • The parish has at least one service that is accessible to children and allows them to take a full part
  • The parish has discussed whether to admit children to communion and whichever decision is reached children are
  • Children are encouraged to be involved through service, as servers, as musicians, as PA assistants etc

2. Welcome

Children are welcomed into the heart of church life

What must this look like?

  • The Parish fully adheres to the Diocesan Guidelines in safeguarding
  • The facilities provided for children are well looked after and safe

What might this look like?

  • There is provision for where their needs differ from normal adult needs.
  • They have representation at PCC
  • There is a budget for children’s ministry

3. Mission

The mandate of each parish stretches beyond those who attend on a Sunday.

What might this look like?

  • Where possible the Parish will have an involvement in local schools.
  • The Parish will provide something beyond Sundays for children and families that are not regular attendees.

4. Nurture

Children are made in the image of God and need a good balance of teaching and time to reflect and grow.

What might this look like?

  • Children’s workers are using up to date and appropriate resources.
  • Children’s spirituality is supported and nurtured, not just their knowledge.

Benefits of joining

Joining the scheme is a clear commitment to welcoming children into the heart of your congregation; it will make your church more attractive to families and make church attendance a more positive experience for children who already attend.

Members of the scheme will receive:

  • A Children’s Charter sign to display on your church to show you are members
  • A certificate of membership
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Access to a network of church all on the same journey
  • Access to a grant scheme that will help you to make improvements where funds are not available

How do you join?

More information on joining can be found by contacting the Children’s Ministry Support team.

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