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What we do: Children’s ministry

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Children are an important part of the Church’s family and we believe in enabling parishes and communities to disciple their children in a nurturing and safe environment; ensuring that they are a welcome part of the Church. As a Diocese, we are committed to support, encourage and resource those who work with children.


Our team

Our team are the people to contact for parish support and queries. They will be your first point of contact so please do contact them!

  • Children’s Ministry Support Worker (5-11 year olds) – Katie O’Conor
  • Sam Donoghue is our Head of Children’s and Youth Ministry Support. He is available to offer support and advice.
  • Children’s Ministry Trainer – Alex Taylor
  • For youth ministry support, click here



Connecting with children’s workers and volunteers is vital for us. We ensure that we provide up-to-date information and resources to our children’s workers through the ways listed below:

  • Children’s Ministry newsletter: This includes a mixture of details of the training courses we are running, news on resources and articles about good practice. You can sign up to receive the newsletter here.
  • Children’s Ministry blog articles: There is a weekly article about children’s ministry written by a range of people working with children, which can be found on our children’s ministry webpages. These articles are aimed to help, support and train children’s workers. You can read our most recent article here, as well as find past articles too.
  • Social Media: Our Facebook page is updated regularly with information and news. You can also find us on Twitter
  • Premier Youth and Children’s Work Magazine: We are partners in the publication of this magazine for children’s workers.



The two main courses that we offer for children’s workers are the Children’s Ministry Academy and the Academy Basics course.

We are also able to offer a small number of one-off sessions throughout the year, as well as more bespoke training for your parish. Please contact Katie O’Conor for further information or to request training.

You can search for available Children’s Ministry courses and training in the events calendar through this link here.



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