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Capital Vision 2020: Strengthen links between schools and their local Christian community

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Our mission to schools and through schools – our own and others – is very much at the sharp end of our mission opportunity in London. With 55,000 young people studying in our schools across the Diocese, we are given the opportunity to encourage them all into a life of Christian faith and to reach out to the families and communities of which they are part.

There is work for us all to do in this. Church itself needs to re-learn how to relate to its schools, and others, and there needs to be a firmer handshake between local leadership in both church and school. This has training implications for clergy, teachers and – very importantly – the new foundation governors we must recruit for our expanding family of schools.

Churches and schools seek to build community. Together, in renewed and deepened understanding of the neighbourhoods they serve, and having given fresh consideration to how buildings and facilities can

Do you have some ideas? Want to get involved? Email capitalvision2020@nulllondon.anglican.org.

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