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Capital Vision 2020: Invest in leadership and increase the number of ordinands by 50%

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All of us who share the privilege and responsibility of leadership in ministry need the support of fresh challenge and encouragement. We rejoice that the Church in London is continuing to thrive and grow, but as part of our commitment in Capital Vision 2020 we recognise that sustaining this momentum requires ordained ministers who are resolved to grow in Christ-like leadership, with humility, love and courage.

Riverside at St Jude’s is our leadership resource commissioned by the Bishop of London. It is designed to help refresh and refocus leadership in ministry. The programme will combine applied teaching in various core areas of leadership along with reflective learning in small groups. To find out more contact Neil Evans, Director of Ministry at riverside@nulllondon.anglican.org.

We’re setting an ambitious target of 50% more ordinands by 2020 – that’s up from 46 to about 70 being ordained each year to serve throughout England. Who will be called to this ministry? Where will they be called to go? What if many more across the Diocese were encouraged to consider God’s call on their lives for many kinds of ministry? Are we prepared to lose some of our best parish workers for the sake of the Gospel and the wider Church? As we think and pray through these questions, it calls us to renew our approach to encouraging vocations in the local parish and in schools and colleges across London, providing new opportunities and materials to challenge Christians to discern their vocation.

Are you considering ordination? Find out more. What do you feel is most important in achieving this priority? Let us know at capitalvision2020@nulllondon.anglican.org.

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