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Capital Vision 2020: Equip and commission 100,000 ambassadors representing Jesus Christ in daily life

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The most powerful thing we can do for London is equip 70,000 or 100,000 for their everyday lives” said a contributor to Capital Vision consultations.

Would you like to join the Capital Vision journey to 100,000?

Sign up at www.ambassadors2020.org for monthly messages and a prayer journey directly to your inbox, and to find out about future events and resources.

Equip: make a plan to do something intentional in your church to increase the focus on everyday life. Read the blogs on www.ambassadors2020.org for ideas and resources for children, youth and adults. Link up with one of the pilot churches or get in touch for some free resources such as Voice of Hope for ambassadors.

Commission: For those of us who have formal church roles, or who go on mission overseas, we have moments where we are commissioned formally for these ministries. But how significant would it be if every single person in our congregations was prayed for and commissioned to live and work to Christ’s praise and glory each day where God has called them? Commissioning can be as formal or simple as you like – some liturgies and ideas are online at www.ambassadors2020.org or create your own.

Share that you’ve commissioned ambassadors at your church so we can include you in our journey to 100,000 ambassadors.

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