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Capital Vision 2020: Engage more closely with sport and physical activity

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When was the last time you heard a sermon on sport, other than a light hearted reference to the fate of the team supported by the speaker? When was the last time you prayed – other than in desperation – for your sport and those with whom you play?

Yet nearly 40% of London’s population will engage in sport and physical activity this week, and we are no different.

We recognise the significance of sport, physical activity and wellbeing anecdotally, but we’re only just beginning to think seriously about it; and we are not so sharp when it comes to encouraging one another to be mindful of our discipleship as we cross the white line.

So this is early days. But we are committed to raising our game, building on what some churches are already doing, underpinned by some serious thinking so we get our foundations right.

Would you like to hear more and network with others engaged in sport and physical activity around the Diocese? Sign up here.

If you have questions, or stories to share, email capitalvisionsport@nulllondon.anglican.org.


Sport England and Diocese of London sport report summary  Download  
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