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Capital Vision 2020: Engage more closely with the creative arts

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Art, creativity and culture are some of the most critical and profound spheres of human activity. From dance to journalism to graffiti, almost everything around you has been touched by the creative industries. Creatives can spark a revolution with a single tweet.

The Church in London is home to a surprising abundance of creativity. Today’s Church is flooded with people whose passion and purpose finds expression in the creative industries far wider than the well-known forms of traditional sacred painting and choral music. We are a people whose work in images, sounds, music, poetry, theatre, design, movement, textiles, sculpture and digital media, shape the city and world around us.

So we’re asking: what does it look like to be a Christian and an artist in the weekday workplace? What does it look like for churches to engage creatively with artists?

We want to build bridges and forge language to deepen and enrich interaction between Christianity and the Creative Arts. And we want to connect Christians across London who are already immersed in the creative world of this cultural and captivating city.

Are you involved in the creative arts?

Is your church looking for ways to engage with the arts and creative industries?

Sign up to our Creatives Network here.

Please send comments or questions to creatives.network@nulllondon.anglican.org.

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