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Capital Vision 2020: Engage more closely with sport and the creative arts

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When was the last time you heard a sermon on sport, other than a light hearted reference to the fate of the team supported by the speaker? When was the last time you prayed – other than in desperation – for your sport and those with whom you play? Yet nearly 40% of London’s population will engage in sport this week, and we are no different.

Read more about our sports priority in Capital Vision.

Creative arts

Art and culture are some of the most profound spheres of human activity in cities. Almost everything around you has been touched by the creative industries. Yet, despite the massive influence of Christianity on art and culture down the ages, the perception is that the church doesn’t do creative.

But what if the church had people who could speak the language of these creatives, and would help us to engage and take us into their world?

Read more about our creative arts priority in Capital Vision.

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