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Capital Vision 2020: Double the number of young people involved in local Christian community

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On the face of it the numbers are ambitious, but when you get thinking, you start to wonder if we could do this…

  • Many of our churches have reasonably sized Sunday Schools but no teenagers. What if we found ways of retaining more of these young people?
  • Our statistics show that we have no more effective way of reaching children and their families than Under 5s groups. What if we invested more time and money into making them brilliant, and were more intentional in building Christian community in them?
  • Messy Church has been a huge success all over the UK in helping churches engage their fringe, but in London we have relatively few. How many more of these could we start in the next seven years?
  • How can we work to improve the lives of children and young people living in London’s most deprived areas?

If we are going to get anywhere near this we will all need to join in and have a go together, we don’t have any churches or organisations that are big enough to do this for us! So have a think and a pray: how will you be part of the story?

Find out more about our approach to children’s ministry and youthwork.

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