Capital Vision 2020: Ambassadors

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Rebecca is a China-born Singaporean, currently in her third year of the BA Fine Art course at Slade School of Art, UCL. After her studies,...


  Christ Church Southgate recently commissioned a group of Ambassadors from their congregation, this is one of their stories:​ Anthony has been a part of...


Christ Church Southgate recently commissioned a group of Ambassadors from their congregation, this is one of their stories: “I am delighted to have been given...


Anita is a Secondary School teacher in Greenford, and a member of St George’s Church Southall. She was raised with a Hindu upbringing, but became...


James is studying science and maths in sixth form at school, and is part of the church family at Christ Church Kensington. He is a keen musician, studying...


Sandy joined an ambassadors’ workshop with a group from her parish.  “It wasn’t until I was there that I realised I am already an ambassador...


Tom is 23 years old working for an investment consultancy in central London, which his first job out of university. Having commuted from home for...


Bettina grew up in Northumberland, worked variously as an interior designer and paper shuffler and lives in West London with husband, Pip, their four young...


Remmie was commissioned as an ambassador at Holy Trinity, Southall. Remmie works for London Underground at one of their busiest stations, where he sees about...


After retirement it becomes increasingly difficult to see one's own front-line. As a school-teacher, the front-lines were clear: the classroom, the staffroom, parents meetings. As a...


Beatrice is a part-time parliamentary researcher and a full-time Law student. She attends St Michael’s Church, Chester Square and lives in Victoria. In her spare...


Jon is a born-and-bred Devonian, but 4 years ago faced the culture shock of moving to the big city to study Theology, Music & Worship...


In late 2013, God at Work commissioned a number of ambassadors for Christ at St Sepulchre’s Church (The National Musicians Church). These men and women...


Fiona is a mother of three adult children and a grandmother to five amazing grandchildren. She has 23 years as a Teaching Assistant under her...


Although Ian’s family hail from Yorkshire, he considers himself a true Londoner. He grew up in a loving and strongly Christian family and finds that...


Melissa is 62 and is an ambassador from Christchurch Southgate. She is involved at church, helping with the flower team, cleaning the church, and sometimes...


Obed is a carer in a nursing home, and is finishing his studies for a diploma in Health and Social Care. Originally from Pakistan, Obed...

The Vision

One of the themes which emerged from the conversations which shaped Capital Vision 2020 was a repeated call for ways of equipping people more effectively to live and speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. It is this call that has inspired nearly 40,000 ambassadors across the diocese to be equipped and commissioned to represent Jesus Christ beyond Sundays in the places where they live and work. I encourage you to join in making our churches places that increasingly encourage and support people of all ages in their everyday discipleship, using these resources to help equip and commission ambassadors for Christ in daily life.

The Rt Revd Rob Wickham

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Capital Vision 2020

Capital Vision 2020: Confident, Compassionate and Creative

We share a vision of a Church for London that is Christ-centred and outward looking.

The Bible

Young people reading the Bible in a group

Christians believe that one of the ways they may know God is through the Bible. The Bible records how countless people throughout the centuries have experienced God in their lives.

Confirmations and baptisms


Confirmation marks a point in the Christian journey.

Our presence in the community

We are present in every community through our network of people, parishes and other organisations.

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